The Regulation of “Free Peoples” Kinship



Greetings, our Friend, who enter here!
When for a spirit free you look,
Let simple form yourself to fill in.
Won’t take you time, you be assured.


In Middle-Earth we live, while playing,
All gathered in “Free Peoples” guild.
Adore it’s beauties – nature’s blooming,
A tavern, ruins on a hill.


Dwarves here fight alongside hobbits,
Elf champions, captains of men.
Their kinship’s heart – Free Peoples’ glory,
Their fellowship confronts the Black.


But if quests, leveling, and farm is
All what you find in Middle-Earth,
Our Regulation nonsense reading
Why should take bother You at all?


Now listen, yea who enter here,
And heed our Regulation’s word!


1. Sheer fun – that’s what for us in gameplay.
Time flows here like a river fast.
We like our Middle-Earth t’be jolly.
No fights allowed, my Friend, to pass!


2. With that in mind, in “Prancing Pony”
We gather every Thursday, or
At seven-eight o’clock on Friday.
Ten also good. Come one, come all!
There smoke we fresh-from-field rare pipe-weed,
Drink pint o’ beer, old ale, or wine,
Listen to minstrels ballads singing,
Discuss what’s on each other’s mind.


3. No swear words have for thy neighbour,
Whoever happens t’be around!
In days of hardships, times of labour
Make friends yourself of everyone.


4. Remember! You can show your powers
In rading groups, in duel fair.
But power use of words on site – and
This will your kinship truly help!
Visit our forums once a weak least!
There all day long heard voices loud.
No doubt have sharing your ideas –
Togehter we will work it out.


5. Not for a minute, when in LOTRO
Forget your decency and grace.
Have all respect for those around you,
For kinship’s reputation care.


…This is our fair Regulation.
If wealthy you enough, and will
You have to share with fellow kin-mates,
Invest your goods in Treasury.




Appendix to The Regulation.



  • The kinship’s primary goals are the following:
            – maintenance of positive, tight-knit spirit within kinship;
            – advancement of kinship character-members;
            – game content exploration;
            – mutual aid and assistance between members of the kinship.
  • Paragraphs of The Regulation must be followed by every kinship member.
  • This Regulation may be a subject to further changes by “The Officers Council”. Of such regular kinship members must be informed via kinship’s forum.


   1. Candidate Requirements:

  • Candidate must speak Russian language.
  • Candidate must be of age 18 and older.
  • Candidate must have a correct nickname (no Legggolasssss’es allowed).
  • Kinship forum login must match main character’s nickname (charset is not important, e.g. Aragorn and Арагорн are considered a match).
  • Candidate must have VIP or Premium subscription.
  • Candidate has to fill in the regular application form.
  • Once the application is approved by each of the officers, candidate may enter the kinship as a recruit for a 14-days trial period. Through this period the candidate on one side and “The Officers Council” representing the kinship on the other are making their decisions, if they are comfortable with each other. The trial period may be extended or shortened by “The Officer’s Council” decision.
  • The correct answer on question six of the application form is the following: “Aye, Free Peoples!”
  • Candidate can not be an active member of any other kinship on any server of the game. The same follows for every member of the kinship. *Exeption to this rule can be a “dead”, or “personal” kinship, existing for the sake of a personal guild hall.

    2. Conditions of Expulsion:

  • Unsatisfactory candidate performance through the trial period.
  • Long-term absence from the game without notification in appropriate forum topic. This leaves the member right to be re-instated without applying the form.
  • 2 reprimands according to the Fines & Sanctions system.
  • Other offences at the discretion of “The Officers Council”.


  • Recruit – a candidate on the trial period. No access to kinship forum member sections.
  • Kinsman/Kinswoman – a regural kinship member. Access to kinship forum member sections. This rank is bestowed on recruits, satisfactory performed through the trial period.
  • Officer – a kinship veteran. Access to kinship forum council sections, officer chat, TeamSpeak officer room; kinship forum moderation right; rights to set MotD, to invite/promote/expel members, to appoint Fines & Sanctions. Each officer carries a certain responsibility within kinship:
          – Marshal – raid-organizer and leader. Suggests new methods and tactics;
          – Herald – maintains the flow of new players, maintains relations with other kinships;
          – Chronicler – manages RP within kinship, organizes events and contests;
          – Keeper of the Gifts – holds the kinship’s treasury, works with crafters, provides kinship members with supplies;
          – Guardian of the Free Peoples – security-manager. Monitors forums and chats, gathers information about undesireable personas and prevents them from joining the kinship.
  • Successor – deputy leader, head of the kinship at times when Leader is on leave. Elected by “The Officers Council” from the its numbers.
  • Leader – head of the kinship. Directs all activity within kinship, approves decrees of “The Officer’s Council”. Elected by “The Officers Council” from its numbers. Administrator rights on web-site and forum. Leader has the final word in disputes.


    • End of every season (summer, fall, winter, spring) “The Officers Council” nominates and awards the finest champions within kinship.


    • There are four types of award:



“Crafting Hall Prisoner” – bestowed for remarkable efforts in crafting and gathering, for supplying kinmates with products of those.


“Pillar of the Fellowship” – bestowed for skilled performance as a particular class or classes, for competence in group play, for being helpful in word as in deed, for suggesting effective raid tactics.


“Knight of the Pen” – bestowed for artistic accomplishments, for efforts in kinship’s cultural level enrichment, for efforts in kinship RP development.


“Favoured by Valar” – bestowed for putting massive effort in various aspects of kinship’s life through long time, upon members willing and able to continue work hard for the kinship; upon members earned their trust with “The Officers Council”. A member bestowed this award also becomes an Officer.


  • The first to nominate a member or members each award is the Officer, holding according responsibility (1 – Keeper of the Gifts, 2 – Marshal, 3 – Chronicler). After that, any Officer can nominate any member any award, should the Officer believe the member deserves it.
  • Should Officers believe no member has proven himself worthy of an award, it is possible that no awards are bestowed this season.
  • The correct answer on question seven of the application form is the following: “July 15 2008”. It is the official kinship’s birthday, even before RU servers opening.


  • Every kinship member must follow the kinship rules. Any offence against the rules is to be punished.
  • Every kinship member is threated equally, paying no respect to his or her rank within kinship.
  • Fines and sanctions can be appointed by any Officer.
  • The proof of an offence actually happened can be either a screenshot or a statement from one of the Officers.
  • Sanction measures:
         – Fine – this measure is applicable only to in-game conflicts. The fine amount is calculated according to the offender’s level and severity of the offence. The fine is charged by Keeper of the Gifts in benefit of the treasury;
         – Reprimand;
         – Excpulsion from the kinship.
  •  List of the common offences and corresponding sanctions (may be a subject to further extension):
         – swearing and its imitation in in-game chats and on forums (fine or reprimand);
         – insulting other kinship member in in-game chat or on kinship forum (fine or reprimand);
         – trade within kinship (fine or reprimand);
         – fraudulence (reprimand or expulsion);
         – revealing information from restricted forum sections (reprimand or expulsion);
         – acting and behaving in a way that disgraces and dishonoures the kinship (expulsion);
  • The correct number in the answer on question thirteen of the application form equals today’s date (e.g. if you post your application on 05.10.2011, the correct answer will be “10 enemies”).